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Brunel Academy / Bristol

Sector: Education / Project Value: £1.5m

We worked alongside Skanska and their M&E sub-contractors to undertake various remodelling works during the summer break in 2016 to improve the academies’ facilities. These works involved the conversion of existing break-out spaces to form new ICT classrooms, the provision of a new reception area, the conversion of stores to offices and the modification of the existing library to provide better acoustic performance.


We undertook initial surveys to determine the location of existing services and reviewed record drawings that were available. We proposed mechanical ventilation using textile fabric socks to serve the new ICT classrooms as they had no opening windows, however this was changed to a more conventional ducted system above the new ceilings. We provided new LED lighting, power and data points to facilitate the refurbishment.

The new reception area was being moved and expanded to make it more secure and to assist the flow of visitors and staff into the building. New LED lighting, heating, power, data and fire protection services were provided including the relocation of CCTV and security installations.

The library was originally open to the adjacent corridor which made it noisy, however provided ventilation via the corridor. It was proposed to build a new wall for the library into the corridor which provided more room for equipment and improved the acoustics of the room. We proposed mechanical extract ventilation for the deep plan areas to draw additional air in from the perimeter windows and improve air quality.