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151 - 157 Tower Bridge Road / London

Client: Galliard Homes & Acorn Property Group / Sector: Residential / Project Value: £40m / Status: April 2018 - March 2021 / Stages: RIBA 2 – 4

The existing buildings were constructed around 2000 and have been occupied as residential accommodation and serviced apartments. The building was never properly handed over and the car park in the combined basement has never been used as it was not signed off.


The project includes the refurbishment and remodelling of 90 residential apartments and 137 serviced  apartments as well as the creation of three commercial office spaces, a basement gym and three ground floor retail units. Part of the project includes adding two floors to building 151 to create six new build apartments. A key aspect of the project is the coordination of all services to and from the aparthotel units which has its own operator with their own design requirements. 

We have worked closely with the team to develop a robust energy strategy meeting the requirements of building regulations and Southwark Borough Council, whilst retaining and refurbishing the existing façade.  

We have now taken the project to Stage 2 and developed the plant rooms and risers to Stage 3 for a first stage tender allowing our client to procure the MEP installations for the plant and distribution early.  

We have managed to retain the majority of the existing riser penetrations, reducing the need for additional  builder’s work openings and associated structural  trimming.  

We have also carried out numerous surveys, and drainage workshops with the architects and structural engineers to tailor the apartment layouts and coordinate the above ground drainage with the existing basement below ground drainage avoiding the need of offsets in apartment ceilings. We have also agreed modifications to the ventilation of the existing UKPN substations to address a planning enforcement notice.  

Whilst this is not a full BIM project, we have completed our plant room and main distribution design in a 3D Revit environment, based on measured survey information, to satisfy ourselves & the design team that the services are coordinated with the existing structure and architecture.